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Baofeng Cemetary

As of the date of this post, you can get a Baofeng UV-5R for $28, or buy two for $50. Dirt cheap. I bought my first Baofeng UV-5R back in 2012 when they were...



I’m trying out a new plugin for this site which integrates WordPress comments, Facebook comments, and Disqus comments in a tabbed arrangement at the bottom of each post. Let me know what you think...


WX5GOR has expired

Not me, the domain name. I have had the call sign AD5GG since June 2017. I kept WX5GOR alive for over a year after that, redirecting to via htaccess since there were...


Ham Drought

It has been ages since I’ve had a good spin of the dial on my FT-991A, or my IC-7300. I missed the SCARS field day, I didn’t even switch on my radios during field...


My IC-7300 TX Audio Setup

The IC-7300 has very good transmit audio out of the box, with the stock microphone. With a little tailoring to your voice tone, it can give excellent results. It seems though, I’m never happy...

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