AD5GG works in the real world primarily as a board-level RF designer in the UHF (300 MHz - 6 GHz) range. Occasionally, he posts articles on this very site. Sometimes they're even worth reading.

Contact Me

Unfortunately, it seems that due to Google’s DMARC policy, I have been missing a lot of emails from readers who have tried to contact me via the contact page above. I only realized this when I checked my internal web host bounced email. I have changed the contact page to allow the reader to submit …

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UR6QW Processor with Dynamic Microphones

While this post is written with the UR6QW processor in mind, it contains information which is widely applicable. There is some concern about connecting dynamic microphones to devices which commonly use electret condenser microphones. I believe this requires some clarification. Electret condenser microphones generally require about 3 to 5 volts DC to supply an internal …

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Ham Drought

It has been ages since I’ve had a good spin of the dial on my FT-991A, or my IC-7300. I missed the SCARS field day, I didn’t even switch on my radios during field day, and my only appearance on VHF/UHF lately has been on our local tornado siren net on the SCARS 443.700 repeater. …

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