EQ V.7

Please read about how you can help UR6QW in Ukraine here

It has arrived! The new version 7 of UR6QW’s processor. Thank you to Sergey for getting it to me incredibly quickly! This is an exciting version which uses DSP to control the audio, with touch screen interface. It has 3.5mm, XLR, and standard Icom (in this case) microphone jacks, a 1/4″ PTT jack, switchable 3.3V electret bias and 48V phantom power, for use with dynamic, electret, and studio microphones. There will be a full review coming soon, once I’ve got to grips with it. Stay tuned!

EQ V.7
Just arrived from Ukraine!
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Shopping the Eq V7 ,for Guadeloupe

James Hickson

Were can I get it repair?

[…] Edit: the setup which I use now is detailed in this post. Read on for the review… Also: UR6QW EQ Version 7 is out – a full review coming soon! […]

nicolas 14at303

new January 24, 2021 – “CPU: v.1.7” and “DSP: v.1.5”:
Download SSB file
(CB file will be update in next version – “CPU: v.1.10”).
What’s new. Added output of the Compression level to the main screen in monitoring mode.
Added operating modes, now there are three of them:Pass (bypass) / NORM (Normal) / DX (DX).
In Norm mode – everything without changes
In DX mode – the band is narrowed 200-3300Hz. The HPF is at the input of the entire system and the LPF at the output with a band of 3.3kHz. The patented limiter also works all the time (no need to turn the compressor on 35 to turn it on).
73 qro nicolas 14 at 303 france



Eagerly awaiting the review on this unit, I also have one of these units as well as the version 5.
Wanting to get the skinny on this new version


hi all i have updated the firmware and made a back up copy of the original firmware on the v7 eq box but unfortunately my pc crashed and i lost the original copy so I’m looking a copy of the original firmware which was on the v7 eq box before the update. If anyone has it i would apricate it if they could send me me a copy.
Thanks in advance.


when I buy the eq from his site, it doesn’t give the option for kenwood. Does someone contact me after? The last one I bought was soldered and heatshrink very nice. I can solder my own but theres no schematic


I bought a second v7 eq and it has f/w cpu 1.8 and dsp 2.15.
The audio is very distorted on DX mode.
I notice the box corners are not secure with a gap in all 4 corners.
the mic and spkr jacks are chrome on my old one and plastic on the new.
just noting differences


I tried to update the firmware on my new, second v7 eq and it says I must format the drive! This is not good. The firmware in it is very distorted and I cant load the older firmware that worked, windows wont recognize the drive.
I’m a bit upset with this.
My old v7 eq I hold the knob and plug it in, windows see it right away. now this new on…. 🙁


I had that same issue somehow and it came up with the needing to reformat blah blah, and I finally realized I forgot to to hold down the knob on the device and wait until my computer recognized the new device connected before releasing the knob. But once the box popped up with the firmware file showing I just dragged and dropped the (old) file into the recycle bin, and drag and dropped the new file (CB for me) over where the old file was previously and dropped the new file in the box and loaded right up no issues. This seems kinda strange to have that issue when these devices are supposed to be update enabled. The reason I dragged and dropped into the trash is because I have multiple copies. I hope you get it sorted, fellow CBers tell me I have the best sounded radio they’ve heard.


the new V7 EQ is software locked and sounds horrible.
DX mode is distorted and you cant change firmware anymore.

Instabilities was a lie


Hi! What you mean distorted in DX? You have new TRX.
Devices have a new bootloader and there are chips with reprogramming protection, it cannot be reprogrammed.

I feel swindled

I have a problem with the ur6qw v7, I just made a backup of the firmware but now it does not want to start. I have done something wrong ?
If anyone has a solution I really appreciate it.

I have a problem with the ur6qw v7, I just made a backup of the firmware but now it does not want to start. I have done something wrong ?
If anyone has a solution I really appreciate it.