UR6QW Processor with Dynamic Microphones

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew - KD5FHW says:

    I see you put the capacitor on the headset mic input jack. Will that take care of the 8-pin input in the front as well? I’m looking at using a low impedance (150 Ohm) dynamic mic through the 8-pin input with a Heil cable. Will I have any issues with the lower impedance mic? Thanks!

    • AD5GG says:

      Hi Andrew,
      The way I did it will only block the DC on the headset mic input jack. You’d need a separate blocking capacitor for the 8-pin socket. I did it this way so that I’d retain operation with the Icom hand mic if I wanted to use that too. There should be no issues with the low impedance mic, since the current is limited to 1-2 mA internally, but there is no harm in placing a capacitor in the 8-pin connector line just to be certain.

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