Sergey, UR6QW is a ham radio operator in Ukraine who designs and builds excellent audio devices for ham radio operators. I have been a fan of Sergey’s work for years and have written several posts about his devices on this blog. Go and read those if you are interested in my own reviews.

There are many options for the ham operator looking to improve their transmitted audio, but when it comes to functionality, audio quality, build quality, and value for money it’s hard to beat UR6QW’s devices. Check out the eHam reviews if you don’t believe me.

As you know, Ukraine is in the midst of a terrible war. I contacted Sergey to see if he was OK, and at the time of writing this post he is OK. Hopefully he and his family continue to be well.

If you would like to help Sergey directly, you can support him and his family by purchasing his equipment from his website here: https://ur6qw.jimdofree.com/. Please note the text at the top of the website which reads:

There is a terrible war in Ukraine! We all want peace! Not all cities are blocked and the post office works to send parcels. But the situation changes every day, so check the availability of devices and the possibility of sending to your country via feedback (email) before paying for the order.

Shipping time can be 1-2 months, by purchasing, you agree to the terms of delivery.

Our office in Germany also continues to operate. Being in the EU, you can receive the goods quickly (7-14 days) and without additional taxes. Before paying, check the availability of goods in Germany, it is limited.

UR6QW website, https://ur6qw.jimdofree.com/

So, please check for stock before sending money. This should help to prevent any disappointments, but also remember that Ukraine is at war, and anything can happen.

I believe this is a great way for the amateur radio community to support a fellow ham and his family who are in need, and also help us to start sounding better on the air!

My UR6QW v7 EQ Settings for Icom IC-7610

In addition to the settings above, set the following in the Icom IC-7610 (this maybe also works for the IC-7300, if anyone tries it let me know how it was in the comments!)

MIC GAIN : 50%
TXBW : WIDE (100Hz to 2900Hz)
COMP : OFF (no compressor on IC-7610)

My Icom IC-7610 Settings

Switching between Ragchew and DX settings

If you want to conveniently switch between ragchew and DX settings, set up your EQ V7 like this:

Ragchew EQ settings

With the mode button on NORM this is a great rag chew setting with a deeper bass sound (as much as you can get on an ICOM anyway 🙂 )

With the mode button on DX this cuts out a lot of the bass from the EQ setting and creates a good penetrating DX voice sound for contesting, etc.

Mode Button (right) set to NORM

Microphone Type

The microphone I use is the Sennheiser e835 which is a classic dynamic vocal microphone. I’m sure that many other dynamic microphones such as the Shure SM-58, The Behringer XM8500, or any other decent vocal mic would work with these settings. You might need to adjust the gain on the levels display on the UR6QW EQ v7 to accomodate different microphone outputs.

Sennheiser e835

Signal / Power Meter

One of Sergey’s newest projects is the standalone signal & power meter. This meter is a large readout analog meter which connects to your Icom IC-7100, IC-7300, IC-7610, or IC-9700 giving you a nice big meter to look at while you use the expand function for the spectrum scope! I had always liked the analog-style meter in the IC-7610 but it changes into a bar style meter whenever you expand the spectrum scope. So – I plan on ordering one of these soon! Check out his page for this device here: https://ur6qw.jimdofree.com/s-p-meter/. It’s definitely going to be a gorgeous addition to the AD5GG shack!

Also, check out the YouTube video of the device in action, with its cool retro backlight and auto on/off functionality!

Thank you for reading!

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AD5GG works in the real world as an RF design engineer. Occasionally, he posts articles on this very site. Sometimes they're even worth reading. Please feel free to comment on posts using the comment system at the end of each post, and use the discussion forum.

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2 years ago

I like what you put together for Sergey.
The meter for my 7300 that Sergey mailed me in March works great. Yes the Ukraine postal service can get a package to you.

2 years ago

Dear OM,
Do you have news about Sergey ? We are in June and still no answer to the email sent to him
I hope he is well.
73’s ON7KGK Mike

2 years ago

Update. He is OK and can send me my order. Nice news !

1 year ago

I just got the v.4 equalizer for my IC-7610. Can I also use it with my IC-9700 (2m/70cm/23cm)? I use the MFJ-1263 to switch my Icom SM-30 mic between both radios.


1 year ago

I just now received my new EQ V7 and would like to know if the MON jack also provides IC-7610 RECEIVER audio for the headphones?

Julius Saucier
Julius Saucier
10 months ago

What is the price for the v7 EQ?

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