QUCS for Filter Design

Introduction QUCS, or Quite Universal Circuit Simulator, is a freeware utility that allows you to draw circuit schematics, and perform AC & DC simulation, noise simulation (for S-parameters, and AC simulations), S-parameter simulation, and a whole lot more upon them. I first tried QUCS about a ten years ago, and for whatever reason (lack of […]

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RF Energy Exposure

Are you concerned that your Wi-Fi router is causing cancer? Worried that your smart electric meter is giving you headaches? There is a lot of pseudoscience, crazy theories, and false information out there when it comes to the effects of RF energy emissions. There are hundreds and hundreds of websites out there which use human […]

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The main RFSim99 display, showing a multi-pole low pass filter.

Free RF simulation software

I’ve been using RF sim 99 (aka RFSim99) for over a decade, and it’s proved invaluable again and again during that time, and continues to do so. RFSim99 is a freeware RF simulation software utility. It’s small, fast, and reliable. I should make it clear that it performs basic RF simulation only, and is nothing like Genesys/ADS, […]

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