Or, I should say, amateur radio.

I was first licensed in the USA as KF5KWS, then I became K5GWH, N5GOR, then WX5GOR, and then AD5GG (I know, I know). I’m a proud member of the best damn ham club out there – SCARS (South Canadian Amateur Radio Society), based in Norman, Oklahoma and named after the South Canadian river which flows nearby.

If you’re already a ham, or just interested in amateur radio, check out the web site at to learn more, and join the friendliest bunch of hams in the US of A – SCARS.

The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society is an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Special Services Club that serves the Amateur Radio Operators in the Norman, Oklahoma area. The club has been operating since the fall of 1977, and works hard to support the amateur radio operators in Cleveland County area. In addition, we also work to help grow the amateur radio community in the region.

You can listen to, and join in the conversation on the SCARS repeater on 147.060 MHz. The PL tone is 141.3 Hz.  It’s one of the busiest (if not the busiest) repeater in Oklahoma. Definitely the friendliest! 🙂

You can also listen online.

Oklahoma Repeaters

Click here for a list of open, operational repeaters, sorted by city name, from the Oklahoma Repeater Society

Click here for a Google Earth KMZ file which will display Oklahoma Repeater information in Google Earth.

Why is it called ham radio? Here’s a great video by Jim W6LG, which explains just that.