Ham Drought

It has been ages since I’ve had a good spin of the dial on my FT-991A, or my IC-7300. I missed the SCARS field day, I didn’t even switch on my radios during field day, and my only appearance on VHF/UHF lately has been on our local tornado siren net on the SCARS 443.700 repeater. […]

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New Call Sign

New call sign is official, so the site changes to reflect it! Since I’ve been getting into HF more and more, having an eleven-syllable call sign has been rather a chore. I managed to cut it down to seven with the new call sign AD5GG, which is much less of a mouthful when trying to […]

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1980’s Boomboxes

Terms like “wow & flutter”, “soft eject”, “high-speed dubbing”, “CrO2“, and “auto-reverse” are retired now, gone from today’s audio equipment lexicon. Some say that’s a good thing. I still have a soft spot for boomboxes. We used to call them “ghettoblasters” back in the North East of England. Not that any of us really knew […]

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