I don't like SPAM!
I don’t like SPAM!

Maintaining a website such as this can be a chore at times, especially if you have a comments section, or a forum, or open registration. Luckily there is a service which is affordable and highly effective at blocking spam from ever becoming a problem. Cleantalk is a subscription service which protects your website from spam registrations, comments, and the like. It is extremely effective. I’ve been using their service on this website and two others for a couple of years now. I don’t often recommend services to people since everyone has their own take on things, but I can unequivocally and highly recommend Cleantalk.

In their own words:

Accurately blocking spam is not an easy thing to do, but CleanTalk has a very low proven False/Positive rate. Here is actual statistics on false positives for all customers.

  • Registrations – 0.004%
  • Comments – 0.004%
  • Contact forms – 0.006%
  • Orders (WooCommerce) – 0.016%
  • Site search – 0.001%

The statistic was calculated on August 28 2020 for 2.5 million requests.

Cleantalk “About” page: https://cleantalk.org/about

This website sees around 100-200 unique hits per day on average. Before Cleantalk, I had issues with bogus registrations, and spam comments. I did try Akismet, which is a WordPress plugin which fights spam, but it is nowhere near as effective or as friendly as Cleantalk. How effective has it been on this website?

A screenshot of my Cleantalk stats while writing this post.

So yes, I would consider that very effective. Almost 800 blocked items in May 2022 alone!

The cool thing about Cleantalk’s service is that you set it and forget it. There is no maintenance, no prompts to visit their website, nothing. You just activate the service, install the plugin for your software (there are MANY available) and you’re ready to go. It really is very simple, and very effective. In addition to their anti-spam service, they also offer website security tools, so it’s a one stop shop to erase the annoyances of maintaining a website on the modern internet.

Bravo, Cleantalk! Spam is no longer a concern of mine!

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