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It’s been an interesting year, and I realize that it’s been over a year since I posted something useful on this blog. This blog still gets between 100 and 200 unique hits per day, and I’m still confused as to why, but I think it’s about time for some more content.

Coming up we have a full review of the UR6QW and UX4LA voice processor version 7. There has been a lot of interest in this since the original “it’s delivered!” article was posted last year and I’m ready to review this device since I’ve had a year to play with it. There has even been a firmware update in that time which adds a compression meter in addition to the mic level meter.

As for technical articles – I need to finish what I promised in the Noise & Receiver Performance article (equivalent noise bandwidth, and calculating a receiver’s overall sensitivity using this and noise figure) and I will expound upon my adventures with Icom transmit audio over the last year using outboard rack gear.

There are still a lot of comments and emails arriving about my DMR post – Radioddity GD-77 Setup in particular sees a lot of traffic since it was (still is?) linked to via an official sticky post on the Radioddity Facebook page. I don’t use DMR on a regular basis at all today, and I’m far behind in the technology. It was a worthwhile exercise, and I learned a lot, but DMR is just not for me.

I have been enjoying the latest increase in solar activity and the joy it brings on HF. If you hear me on the bands, give me a shout! I switched from an IC-7300 to an IC-7610 last year and I’ve never looked back.

As usual, feel free to post and comment!

Looking forward to a great Solar Cycle 25!

Cheers and 73

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