Ham Radio & CB Radio Gear For Sale

I have some ham radio equipment for sale. These all come from a non-smoking household. There is nothing wrong with any of this gear. I have accumulated equipment which is just sitting gathering dust, and I figure someone else can use it, and pad my wallet at the same time.

See below for details.

Ten-Tec Jupiter, model 538

Up for sale is a Ten-Tec Jupiter 538 in excellent condition. This transceiver has the latest firmware update, and works as it should. Comes with the Ten-Tec model 705 desk microphone, and DC power cable. This unit does not have a built-in ATU. Cover 160m to 10m For more information on the Ten-Tec Jupiter, click here, and here.

34 IF-DSP receive filters. 25 choices from 1050-8000 Hz for voice modes and 9 more from 300 to 900 Hz for digital and CW mode. Of course, all receive filters are selectable independent of mode – a TEN-TEC hallmark.
18 different DSP-generated transmit bandwidths from 900-3900 Hz are available for SSB to give your transmit audio a well-rounded sound tailored to your voice characteristics.


Asking $600

Heathkit SB-230 HF Amplifier

This is a monster. Powered by the 8873 tube, conduction cooled, and rated at 1,200 W PEP, 600 W CW with less than 100 W of drive. With a huge heatsink on the back and no fan, it’s a silent giant. The amplifier works great, even though the inside could be cleaner. I originally bought this to work on, or maybe convert it to use an alternative tube and sell the 8873 tube (they’re very hard to find and very expensive) but it is just sitting around gathering dust. I have taken a bunch of pictures of the inside so you can see what it’s like. This is an old school amplifier, so you will need an Ameritron ARB-704 or equivalent switching relay interface to key this amplifier with a solid state radio. If you connect the negative voltage “relay” jack on this amplifier to a modern radio keying interface, you will see smoke from your radio. I recommend the ARB-704 anyway, and I use it with my AL-811H even though it doesn’t require it. Adds that little bit of isolation between radio and amplifier!

E-Ham Review page for SB-230

Asking $600

Galaxy DX959 CB Radio

AM & SSB. Comes with an Astatic 302-636L noise canceling microphone, the stock microphone, and DC power cable. Click here for the product page on the Galaxy website.

Asking $100

Uniden Bearcat 980SSB CB Radio

AM & SSB. Comes with the stock microphone, and DC power cable. Click here for the product page on Uniden’s website.

Asking $100

RM Italy KL203P Linear Amplifiers

12V DC at 10 amps. 100 W output, 200 W PEP output. 0.5 to 10 W input. Switchable receive preamplifier. 20 to 30 MHz operation. Click here for more information.

Two available, $50 each.

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