It has been ages since I’ve had a good spin of the dial on my FT-991A, or my IC-7300. I missed the SCARS field day, I didn’t even switch on my radios during field day, and my only appearance on VHF/UHF lately has been on our local tornado siren net on the SCARS 443.700 repeater. My recent journey into the world of DMR didn’t last very long either. My DMR handheld radios are just sitting there discharged.

It has also been ages since I posted anything on here. I think I’m lacking in inspiration.

Or, it could be that there is a giant elephant in the room. A four-letter word, which nobody likes talking about…


Work is pretty busy at the moment, and it seems that whenever it gets busy, the last thing I want to look at when I get home is another radio, or amplifier, or antenna.

I am thinking in the back of my mind about my next article. I could cover subjects such as EMC, compliance, and the like. I’ve also considered a series on modulation formats, which would carry on from my article on FSK from 2016 (has it really been that long!??) or a series on the building blocks of a transmitter or receiver, covering oscillators, PLL’s, mixers, etc.

I’m up for suggestions also!

Until next time, don’t let the four-letter word get you down.

73 de AD5GG (I can still remember my call sign!)


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DMR - Digital Mobile Radio
QUCS for Filter Design
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