DMR – Digital Mobile Radio

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  1. plaws0 says:

    Things I think are cool about DMR: Ability to put usable voice in a 6.25-kHz channel. Decision to make it 2-slot TDMA (total bandwidth is 12.5 kHz) which means you literally get two repeaters for the price of one not to mention reduced duty-cycle on battery-powered portable radios.

    Things I don’t think are cool about DMR: Use of proprietary vocoder which makes it legally impossible to home-brew a DMR-compatible radio (same is true of D-STAR, though a different vocoder within a different protocol). Use of non-amateur means to network repeaters. Use of old Motorola term “code plug” in place of term configuration.

    • AD5GG says:

      Code plug… I know, man. The beatings will continue until that phrase disappears. 🙂

      It’s certified as a FCC part 90 radio, so goes through the part 90 test procedures. As far as the emission goes, the actual 99% Occupied BW of the GD-77 is around 9.5 kHz, which isn’t bad at all. Transmit switching transients are pretty good too.

      The technology is cool, but like I said above, there’s no wow-factor for me. Not when I carry a cell phone.

      • plaws0 says:

        Right. You hit the nail on the head – Skype. No different … past the repeater. The RF part is pretty cool. And if we could link up using amateur radio means (and Mark et al have discussed/are discussing that), then it gets more wow-y for me.

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