Radioddity GD-77: A look inside

After many people telling me that my blank screen issue is down to a loose ribbon cable, and since Radioddity are replacing my defective GD-77, I saw no harm in having a look inside. After all, if it’s such an easy fix, why not?

I would like to report that I found no disconnected ribbon cable. There were no obvious issues with the ribbon cables, the connectors, or the connector PCB footprints. I disconnected the ribbon cables, cleaned the conductive ends with isopropyl alcohol, and reconnected them. The blank screen issue still remained after reassembly, so who knows. Maybe I’ll troubleshoot further someday, but for now, here are some pictures of the disassembled GD-77.

The assembly looks good. Separate sections of the PCB are isolated from each other using the metal housing. I was rather impressed. Especially at this price point. Initial inspection reveals a well made PCB, good via and annular ring registration.

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