The Upgrade

I received my FT-991 back from Yaesu in the form of an FT-991A. They do not replace the front bezel, but the radio has a new sticker on the bottom showing that the model is a FT-991A and it has a new serial number.

I’ve attached a video of the radio in action, and also I demonstrate the new Digital Noise Reduction function. I had read somewhere that the FT-991A had an upgraded DNR and upgraded DSP functionality. It does seem effective, but I can’t decide whether I like it or not. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Anyway, I’d like to say thanks to Stephanie at Yaesu for all of her help, the contact, and the service. I’ll likely update this post as I get more experience with the FT-991A.

See my related post documenting the run-up to this upgrade here:

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Peter L

Dunno man – guy’s voice popped right out when you hit the DNR button. ¯(ツ)


True that. I’ve got a couple of days playing with it now, and I have to say it’s really very effective. An improvement over the previous version. There is a certain swishy, underwater artifact-y noise which accompanies the DNR audio, but if you can get past that, it’s useful.


On VHF FM I can’t turn the DNR on ! It only allows DNR on other modes like SSB . Am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks Graham


Think again about what FM modulation is … this is Ham 101 stuff !!!


I was also shocked that DNR not available in FM
Consequently the Icom 910 outperformed the 991A with weak FM signals . Could get rid of a lot of the noise a d dramatically enhanced comprehension of the signal .
I sold the 991a

The TX audio off it was very nice

But DX reception capability no good !



Ok on your comments, mine were specifically about VHF FM . The DNR when you can use it on other bands FM etc is indeed very good on the 991A,
The attraction for me was the real time scope available in VHF , and the shock was no DNR available in that band and mode . As I believe you too have experienced ?