IC-7300 Average SSB power modification

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  1. wb5ulk says:

    I was hopeful there for awhile that you’d take off on a jag using Calculus, Gordo.

    Hopes dashed.

    I’m with you. Do whatever you want, but don’t expect miracles. If you want more power, put up a directional antenna even if it just clears the eaves of the house.

    73, Gary

  2. Tibor Füzik says:

    By using of IC-7300 I have discovered some disadvantages of this excellent radio:
    – relay switched full-break-in (who can accept this way of break-in operation ??) – switched CW to VOX controlled to Break-in
    – poor range of equalizer – this is suitable mostly for “standardized” human voice corection
    – poor functionality of compressor – there isn` t a really usefull setup of Mic gain/Compresssion, which produces effective improvement. This is probably the fact, which tried to solve by ALC modification.
    By my practice, it is a huge difference between final effect of gain regulation (compressing) and envelope shaving (HF (!) clipping).
    Which one is used in IC-7300 ? I don` t know but the effect seems like a cheap Auto Mic Gain regulation.
    Sorry, but this is annoying … there is some place to improvement for Icom.

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