Behringer XM8500 for Ham Radio

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2 Responses

  1. Gary Skaggs says:

    *I* think the Behringer will be a good get for you. My personal experience with Shures and Behringers (many years on church platforms) is that the Shure will work just as designed even after it is used to drive a nail, while the Behringer is just a weeee bit more likely to not be in one complete piece after nail-driving. SM58s being used as a weapon in bar fights are legendary, especially when swung by the mic cord.


    … Gary

  2. AD5GG says:

    Haha! I’ve swung a few SM-58’s during my time in bands too! 🙂
    I think I have it set up good. I talked to W5IFN on 40 meters last night and he said I should buy some glue and stick all of my controls where they are because it was fantastic audio. Be interesting to know what you think of it too.

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