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  1. Thank you so much for helping maintain the availability of this valuable resource! I just started using it yesterday and wanted to ask if you know how to access the “balun” tab in the Component Designer – Coupler. In the help file is shown that there is such a coupler design capability. However, when I open the “Component Designer – Coupler” dialog, there is no Balun tab.
    In case the balun tab is not present in this version, do you know what else I can use to represent a balun (50 Ohm unbalanced, to 100 ohm balanced) ? Thank you again for your attention and the useful web-site and articles!

    • AD5GG says:

      Hi Branimir, thanks for your comments and kind words!
      AppCAD from Avago (and formerly Agilent and HP) has a lumped element Balun calculator, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re looking for. Have a look and see what you think:
      Best of luck, AD5GG

  2. DaveF says:

    A great program I have used since it became free software. Thanks to Stewart and to you for making it easy to access.

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