UR6QW Audio Processor

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7 Responses

  1. wb5ulk says:

    I would very much appreciate an A/B audio track of your mellifluous voice! Pre/Post, if you prefer. 😀

  2. AD5GG says:

    Good idea… but I don’t know about “mellifluous” !!
    I do have some audio from when I was setting it up. Let me see about getting that thrown up on YouTube with some captions (before/after).

  3. AD5GG says:

    And here we have it!
    I still need to set the settings where I want them, but this is a start.
    Received on a Yaesu FT-991 sitting next to me at a +40 dB over S9 level.
    Rx bandwidth on the FT-991 was 3 kHz. Recorded direct to PC via the FT-991’s USB audio device.
    Note: this is my initial settings with the stock mic, and the receive isn’t very good.

  4. Gary Skaggs says:

    Nicely tuned! It also knocks out almost all your background noise!

    I’ll have to go look for this to see how many Rubles this costs and if it’ll work with a Heil mic…

  5. AD5GG says:

    It’s cheap compared to a Heil mic 😉
    Sergey can customize this device to work with whatever radio/mic combination you like.
    The stock Icom HM-219 mic isn’t the best – it’s extremely “hot”, and the wind/pop shield is nonexistent (as audibly demonstrated in this video)…
    I’m thinking I might get better results with a dynamic element. Might be worth a shot.
    The processor I have has a microphone/phone 3.5 mm jack input/output on the front, so I should be able to try any microphone I like, really. Just need a PTT footswitch to plug into the back!

  6. AD5GG says:

    This was posted a few weeks ago when I first received the device. I’ve learned a lot about it since then. See above in the main post for a few different setups.

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