Severe Weather Season 2017

I don’t take many WX pics, but I do snap the occasional decent one.

Right now, discrete thunderstorms are exploding over Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. Several of these storms are dropping significant hail, look like they’re threatening to spawn tornadoes, and there are a couple of Tornado Watches issued.
It’s that time of year again and it’s almost upon us here in Oklahoma. Storm Season.  Time for you to have multiple ways of receiving severe weather information.  That includes a weather radio!

Over the last 4 or 5 years, I’ve been more into tracking severe weather and reporting it via social media, rather than getting out there and enjoying it. There have been some fun outings in the past, and I think it might be nice to actually get out and enjoy it more this year, although it’s becoming more and more miserable (at least for me) with the amount of cell-phone chasers on the roads. I have no want or need to be swept away by a tornado, or pummeled to mush in a 4″ hail storm because I’m blocked by of a bunch of brainless half-wit n00bs, radar app in hand, who don’t know how to drive in the rain.

My primary nerdism with severe weather is radar interpretation. Figuring out what it is and where it is, based on the various radar product data displayed. I’m sure this won’t change, and I think this is what primarily leads to my armchair storm chasing. I seem to get a lot more out of downloading a huge chunk of L2 data and sifting through it, than I do from driving 1,000 miles for a bust (aka no tornado).

For a fairly decent list of weather resources for Oklahoma, hit the WX menu entry above, or head over here:

The SCARS repeater (W5NOR) in Norman operates a severe weather net during severe weather. To listen to the W5NOR repeater in Norman, head over here:

Cheers, and be safe!


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